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In order to launch our Pocket Revolution, designing a jacket was a no brainer. With its 7 pockets, perfect fit and intemporal cut, our Pokka Jacket was created to conquer the world…hands in your pockets!

Seven pockets carefully crafted :

Two zippered chest pockets on the side, for a powerful body and enough room to store up to books ... without compromising on aesthetics.

Two piped side pockets, to walk around quietly with your hands in the pockets
An envelope pocket on the back of the arm, discreet and elegant like a small tattoo, it will accommodate all your little secrets.

Two inside pockets, one thought for the biggest Iphone, closed by a zip, and a second for your wallet, closed by a scratch.

And because we couldn't help ourselves, a bonus pocket for a pen is integrated to the inside pocket. Just like in the movies, you can take a pen out of your inside pocket :)

Perfect for mid-season, our Pokka jacket is made of wool (68%) and polyamide (32%). A 100% recycled fabric, produced in Italy from fabric scraps and recycled clothing. In addition to being very soft, very resistant and bright, our fabric consumes 87% less water and 74% less CO2 than a traditional wool!

And we took care of every detail:

Our zippers are made of recycled polyester, produced in Italy, and our bio-resin buttons are handcrafted in the Jura (if you look closely, you'll see that no two are alike!)

Size XS
Chest: 100,6cm; Waist: 104,6cm; Sleeve length: 63cm; Cuff: 11,75cm; Length: 65,75cm

Size S
Chest size: 104,6cm ; Waist size: 108,6cm ; Sleeve length: 63,3cm ; Cuff size: 12,25cm ; Length: 66,3cm

Size M
Chest size: 108,6cm ; Waist size: 112,6cm ; Sleeve length: 63,6cm ; Cuff size: 12,75cm ; Length: 66,85cm

Size L
Chest size: 112,6cm ; Waist size: 116,6cm ; Sleeve length: 64cm ; Cuff size: 13,25cm ; Length: 67,4cm

Size XL
Chest size: 116,6cm ; Waist size: 120,6cm ; Sleeve length: 64,3cm ; Cuff size: 13,75cm ; Length: 67,95cm

Size XXL
Chest size: 120,6cm ; Waist size: 124,6cm ; Sleeve length: 64,6cm ; Cuff size: 14,25cm ; Length: 68,3cm

The Pokka jacket is designed to be slightly oversized in your usual size.
And when in doubt, feel free to send us a message at contact@helloworld-collective.com or on Instagram @helloworld_collective

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