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Anatomy of pockets & Size guide

Seven pockets designed for day to day freedom: 

  • Two zipped Plastron pockets on the side, for a powerful stance and enough room to fit up to two books… without compromising on the aesthetic.
  • Two side Passepoilee pockets to walk freely, hands in your pockets
  • One envelope pocket at the back of the arm, discrete and elegant like a small tattoo, to host all your little secrets.
  • Two inside pockets, one designed with the biggest Iphone in mind, closed with a zip, and a second one for your wallet, secured with Velcro
And because we couldn’t help ourselves, a bonus pen pocket has been integrated to the inside pocket, just like in the movies where protagonists effortlessly get a pen out from an inside pocket 😊


Size Guide

Size XS
Chest size : 100,6cm ; Waist size : 104,6cm ; Sleeve lenght : 63cm ; Wrist circumference : 11,75cm ;  Length : 65,75cm 

Size S
Chest size : 104,6cm ; Waist size : 108,6cm ; Sleeve lenght : 63,3cm ; Wrist circumference : 12,25cm ; Length : 66,3cm 

Size M
Chest size : 108,6cm ; Waist size : 112,6cm ; Sleeve lenght : 63,6cm ; Wrist circumference : 12,75cm ; Length : 66,85cm 

Size L
Chest size : 112,6cm ; Waist size : 116,6cm ; Sleeve lenght : 64cm ; Wrist circumference : 13,25cm ; Length : 67,4cm 

Size XL
Chest size : 116,6cm ; Waist size : 120,6cm ; Sleeve lenght : 64,3cm ; Wrist circumference : 13,75cm ; Length : 67,95cm 

Size XXL
Chest size : 120,6cm ; Waist size : 124,6cm ; Sleeve lenght : 64,6cm ; Wrist circumference : 14,25cm ; Length : 68,3cm 

The Pokka Jacket is designed to be a little bit oversize, in your usual size.
This jacket is unisex, however we advice you to size one or two times up if you're a man. If you have any question about the size you need, send us a message at or on Instagram @helloworld_collective